Vendée Globe and Open 60 Film Blog

A running commentary from Wind Athletes Canada on the 2012 Edition of the Vendee Globe Open 60 ocean race.


Eric Holden's team of Young Canadian sailors took O CANADA out to stretch her legs a little after a 4 year lay up in Vancouver.

The team has been working around the clock for about 38 days to get her ready. 

On Good Friday they started the Southern Straits Race starting in Vancouver from West Van, around Sisters Island and back.

Day 2 on the Water for O CANADA

Good Morning from Vancouver,

Day 2 with O CANADA back on the water was another great day of firsts for this young team.

It was raining, cold and miserable as it can often be in Vancouver this time of year but no one seemed to notice.

It was time to test the keel rams and get the instruments calibrated. 


I arrived in Vancouver late Friday.  Eric has things well in hand here.  The boat was ready to sail.

We had to wait until 11 am for high tide to leave Shelter Island Marina.  It was about a 2.5 hour motor out to deeper water. It took 3 young guys and one moderately aged fellow (me) to raise the main and we were off.

Eric is very composed and organized.  His quiet style of leadership is very impressive. 

Bernard Stamm's Disqualification

I am probably not adding anything that has not already been said on the disqualification of Bernard Stamm, but I just had to weigh in.

With the Fiscal Cliff Looming - President Obama Announces Bid for 2016 Vendee Globe Ocean Race

Unable to run for another term in 2016, President Obama has decided to throw in the towel on politics before the next US Presidential elections and join his former adversary Mitt Romney, in the 2016 Vendee Globe Ocean Race. There is even talk that the two US politicians will team up to sail the Barcelona World Race together - a double-handed warm up for the single-handed Vendee Globe. Insiders report that if they can come to an agreement about who will be skipper their boat will be named End of Days and sport a 4 horse motif on the spinnaker.