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Phoebe Chalmers

With the support of The Magenta Project, I have put together a program for the 2024 WASZP Americas in Hawaii and 2024 International Games in Norway. I am striving to compete at a high level in the WASZP class while maintaining success in my undergraduate engineering degree. I am also part of the Magenta Foiling team putting together a campaign for the 69F circuit.

My love for the sport stems from my parents, who I grew up sailing with on many different boats. I am working to combine my passions for sailing and engineering into a professional sailing career and plan to work as an engineer in the sailing world upon completing my degree. 

I am passionate about gender equality in sailing and was greatly inspired by Team SCA in the Volvo Ocean race as a kid. I have worked as a sailing instructor for 5 years and love to share my passion for sailing with new generations and I hope to do similar in the ever-growing foiling world. This year, I was fortunate to participate in the first Sail Canada Foiling Coaching Clinic in Pointe-Claire, QC. 

My goal is to compete in high-performance events like the America’s Cup and SailGP and competing in the WASZP class is an important step to developing my foiling skills.


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