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Force 7 Sailing is a cooperative design team led by a group of students at Memorial University of Newfoundland and Dalhousie University. Our team members have a mutual passion for innovation, sustainability, naval architecture, and sailing. The team originated in 2023 with the goal of designing and building a sustainable and efficient foiling moth from scratch for the 2025 International Foiling SuMoth challenge in Italy. The team has decided to take two years so that we can refine our design and ensure we perform at a high level when we go to the competition.

Our team members have unique industry experiences from the co-operative education programs at Memorial University of Newfoundland and Dalhousie University. This will enable us to create an innovative design that will be sustainable and efficient. This project will also provide a unique opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge and develop valuable hands-on experience.

The International Foiling SuMoth Challenge is a student design competition with the goal of promoting sustainable practices by challenging university students to design, build, and race a sustainably built boat. The competition aims to create a community framework of future professionals, and allow them the opportunity to innovate new concepts before getting into the industry. The competition, sponsored by 11th Hour Racing, occurs throughout Foiling Week - the pinnacle foiling event that sees over 1,000 sailors compete in various foiling boats and attracts +100,000 views each year. The Sumoth challenge stands by Foiling Week’s five pillars - Inclusion, Accessibility, Education, Sustainability, and Safety.

The Foiling SuMoth Challenge emphasizes sustainable foiling moth creation, enforcing manufacturing restrictions to limit unsustainable materials. Aligned with the challenge and addressing Global Goals for Quality Education, Gender Equality, and Climate Action, our team is dedicated to delivering hands-on education, fostering an equitable and empowering team dynamic, and sustainable practices.

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