Training in Malta
Training in Malta
Training in Malta

I'm Norman. I'm 20 years old and grew up in Toronto, spending my summers at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club (RCYC). Since I can remember I have been following in my father's footsteps and chasing my childhood dreams of representing Canada on the water at the Olympic Games. 

As I have gotten older competing in high-level competitive sport has taught me much about myself and who I am. I've learnt first hand that many of the cliches are true, that winning isn't everything and as much as it sucks as long as you keep pushing through and staying positive you'll get to the other side. And with this I've learnt that I'm committed to my dreams and committed to pushing myself to compete and win against the best in the world.


Through sailing I've been able to compete in events throughout Ontario, Canada, North America and the World. I've competed in 2 European Championships, 3 Youth World Championships and 2 Junior World Championships and have been Canadian Youth National Champion, Junior North American Champion and placed 35th out of 144 at my most recent Junior Worlds. With the cancellation of many events last summer I missed out on my last season in the Junior Fleet and from past experience at senior fleet events and the 2018 World Sailing World Championships know I will have to work hard to reach the same level as those at the top of the fleet: World Champions, Olympic Champions and Legends of the sport. 

The Year Ahead

I have just finished my 3rd year of studies at the University of Southampton studying Mechanical Engineering. With university done for the summer, I have turned my sights to the Men's World Championships in Barcelona from September 11-16. My summer starts with a 5 week training camp in Malta during June as a focused training camp before 2 of my training partners leave for the Olympics in Japan. After this I return to the UK for July and August with a focus on fitness and honing skills useful for competitions. The plan is to spend 5-6 days on the water per week, 5 days on the bike and 3 days in the gym. The hope is to attend local UK events before using the UK National Championships in mid-August as a tune up before the worlds. 



Basic Weekly Training costs -          $150 (Covers food, fuel, and on water nutrition)

UK Nationals Fee                  -          $250

Worlds Entry Fee                  -          $500 

Sails                                      -          $950  (2 new sails needed for the major events this year)

Malta Training Camp             -          $2,350 (covers coaching fees, accommodation, and boat charter)

Worlds Charter Boat Fees    -          $2800 (The world championships require you charter a boat for the competition)

Training in Malta

Why I Need YOUR Help

I've been lucky enough to get support from multiple different sources so far, from my parents, the Ontario Quest for Gold scheme, the Canadian Sports Institute Ontario, the RCYC Athlete Development Fund and being a Bursary Athlete at the University of Southampton. But moving into the Senior fleet means more competition and more training camps and so greater funding. With YOUR help you join my team of supporters, helping fund, motivate and mentor me towards becoming an athlete at the top of the World Stage. As they say it takes a village, and I invite you to become part of my village to help me win a Gold Medal for Canada at the Olympics. 

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