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Marie-Eve Mayrand is an athlete training to represent Canada in Kite Foil Racing, a new discipline at the 2024 Paris Olympics. She has been competing in kiteboarding and snowkiting competitions since 2016, winning medals at international events. These include gold, silver, and bronze in successive years at Red Bull Ragnarok (considered the toughest snowkite course in the world). She has also achieved podium at events such as VAKE, Kite Clash, WindFest, and other freestyle/big air/ snowkite competitions.

For the first time in its history, the 2024 Paris Olympics will introduce kite foil regatta as a competition sport. It's official: Canada has secured an Olympic spot for Female Formula Kite discipline. The Sailing aspect of kitefoil racing offers new challenges that Marie-Eve has been learning since the beginning of her kitefoil racing journey. 

In 2023, Marie-Eve fully committed to her journey and actively participated in numerous IKA competitions on the international stage.  She finished top Canadian female at events such as the WORLD, European, and Princesa Sofia events. Her World Sailing Ranking (as of October 17, 2023): Ranked 48th. Furthermore, she had the unique opportunity to represent Canada at the Marseille Test event, where only 20 female racers from around the world were chosen to test the Olympic format and venue.

Marie-Eve's dedication to wind sports is undeniable. She has immersed herself in various aspects of the discipline, ranging from big air and freestyle to snowkiting, paragliding, winging, and now kitefoil racing/ sailing.

However, the demanding nature of kite foil racing and Olympic-level training entails substantial costs and necessitates proper support. This journey cannot be undertaken alone. Your contributions will be allocated towards professional coaching, competition expenses (including entry fees, travel, accommodation, and transport), as well as essential gear and professional equipment. No donation is too small, as every contribution makes a meaningful impact. Contributions to this campaign are tax-deductible. 

We sincerely appreciate your support in helping Marie-Eve Mayrand chase her dream and represent Canada at the 2024 Paris Olympics in Kite Foil Racing. Thank you for being part of this extraordinary journey.

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