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Originally incorporated in 2004 as the Collingwood Sailing School (CSS), our organization evolved from the Collingwood Watts Skiff Club's dinghy sailing school, established in 1997. Over the years, CSS flourished, becoming an integral part of the Town of Collingwood Harbour's community activities. Despite changes in management —from the Collingwood Yacht Club to the Town of Collingwood—the school has consistently enrolled 25-30 students per week during summer months.

Recently, the program has been re-established under the new name of Collingwood Sailing Academy. Our vision is to better our community by developing life skills in our youth while engaging them in a fun and memorable experience, and fostering a love for the sport of sailing. However, we currently face significant operational challenges.

Fundraising Needs

We are aiming to raise up to $30,000 to help cover the following expenses in year one.  This will will help put us on a firm footing so that the Academy will be self sustaining going forward.

1. Subsidization of Instructor Wages: Our most substantial financial burden is covering the wages of our highly qualified instructors. Subsidizing these costs is crucial for maintaining high-quality instruction and attracting skilled educators.

2. Replacement and Repair of Equipment: Our fleet of sailboats and sails, previously managed by the municipality, require urgent maintenance and replacement. Properly maintained equipment is essential for the safety and effectiveness of our sailing lessons.

3. Start-Up and Operational Costs: Establishing a new classroom (a tent at the Collingwood Yacht Club), purchasing new safety equipment, radios, teaching aids, and covering operational costs are vital for the academy's smooth operation and compliance with insurance requirements.

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