November 2012

Leaked Documents from the Canadian Prime Minister's Office Link Plans for Disposal of Spent Uranium with Vendee Globe Ocean Race

Documents leaked from Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper's office, have revealed a complex plan to partner with the Vendee Globe Ocean Race for disposal of depleted Uranium from Canadian Nuclear reactors.

It appears the plan was to supply depleted uranium to skippers doing the Vendee Globe Ocean Race. The Uranium which is much denser than lead would be used in the keel bulbs. The Uranium could be coated in lead to ensure the safety of the sailors. Race organizers were to receive a large anonymous donation and Canada was to enter 3 boats in the next Vendee Globe.

Riou Retires and Golding Laments

Golding wrote:

Perhaps the clincher, though, is that I could not give, and he could not accept any help, as this would constitute outside assistance – we would be disqualified from the race. There is a saying in England 'the law is an ass'. Perhaps at times like these, it would help if our laws would allow it [to offer assistance]. It just seems so wrong to leave a man behind.

The Fixable, the Unfixable and the Avoidable

Some things can be fixed at sea and some can not.

Collisions at Sea - Every Ocean Racer's worst Nightmare

Now with two collisions with fishing trawlers one wonders what should be done about this serious hazard.

SAFRAN RETIRES with failed Keel

Marc Guillemot has been forced to retire after his keel failed. This may not be a big surprise to some.

It is not clear to me where the keel broke but it is clear that Marc's Keel was a revolutionary design and was probably a big risk. I am not sure how much they were able to test it but it was the first Open 60 Keel to be made of Titanium.

And They're Off!!!!

At 1 pm Paris time the Vendee Globe Ocean Race was off to a record breaking start. It was wet and grey. 5 boats were over early and one boat did not even cross the line before being holed by its own support boat.

Two More Days Until The Start

With only two days to go before the start the skippers and their teams are down to the fine strokes. Packing their freeze dried food and obsessing over weather reports.

Romney Wastes No Time Announcing his bid for the Vendee Globe Ocean Race!

Shortly after conceding defeat in the US Presidential election, Mitt Romney announced his plans to compete in the Vendee Globe Ocean Race. A no-nonsense guy through and through, Governor Romney has already chosen a name for his new boat. Romney will base his Campaign in Florida and his boat will be named "Hanging Chad".

What's This Blog About?

It was one year ago today that I arrived in Sables-d'OLonne, France to watch the start of the 2008 Vendee Globe Ocean Race.  The atmosphere on the dock was electric.  The US election was in coming to a close and the French were ecstatic about Obama, Western economies were in a state of complete melt down. There were 30 boats at the dock with 30 brave souls preparing to sail around the World Alone - non-stop.