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The Danny Sorochan Junior Sailing Fund was established at the Wabamun Sailing Club by Dan in 1990. Danny Sorochan, who was one the Founding Members of the Wabamun Sailing Club, donated frequently to this fund over the years.  Dan was always a strong supporter of junior sailing and in 1964 became the Northern Alberta Junior Sailing Coordinator. 

The goal of the Danny Sorochan Junior Sailing Fund is to support the development and enhancement of junior sailing programs at the Wabamun Sailing Club and to support young sailors from this club to travel to and compete at regional, national and international levels and training events.

Funds will be used to support travel for the Race Team to travel to regattas and training events.  Additionally, once a young sailor has been identified by the Advisory Committee, that individual will apply to become a recognized Wind Athletes Canada athlete.  They may then claim reimbursement for eligible expenses associated with their competition and training activities in the amount as recommended by the Advisory Committee.  All funds will be reimbursed directly to the athlete(s).

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