We are Ali ten Hove & Mariah Millen - and together we are THM Racing.


We sail the women’s Olympic 49er FX class and have been competing for Canada on the World Cup circuit for the past 7 seasons. Together we represented Canada at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and have reached a career high ranking of 7th in the world. 

Our sights are now set on winning a medal for Canada at the Paris Olympics next summer which is less than 300 days away. We are more driven and focused than ever on reaching this goal. Representing our country on such a prestigious stage is an honor that fuels our passion and determination every day. 

Silver medal at Pan Am Games


The qualification process can be a bit complicated so we will try and break it down below: 

- In the 49er FX class only 20 countries get to compete at the Olympic Games. So the first important step is securing Canada one of these exclusive top 20 spots. We hope to achieve this at the Pan Am Games where a country spot will be awarded to the top North American team. 

- Once Canada has secured a spot for the Olympics, we then compete in the ‘Canadian Olympic Trials’ to select the top representative for Paris next summer. Our trials will be a combination of the following events: 2024 World Championships (Lanzarote, Spain: March 4-10) and the Palma World Cup (Palma, Spain: April 1-6). Your final finishing position at each event will be combined to sum a total score, and the team with the lowest score will be nominated to the Olympic Team! 

There is no doubt this will be an exciting battle so make sure that you follow along with our team to stay up to date on all the latest results! 

Ali and Mariah

Our journey to the Paris Olympics has been filled with challenges and obstacles but we face them head-on with the knowledge that each setback is an opportunity to learn and grow.

Without a doubt, our partnership is the bedrock of our success; it's our biggest strength, the ‘secret sauce’ that sets us apart in the world of competitive sailing. It's a friendship and a partnership rolled into one - we refer to each other as our ‘water wives’. 

We're excited to represent Canada and we'll give it our all to make our country proud as we chase Olympic glory on the beautiful waters of Marseille, France. We are so proud and honoured to represent this amazing country on the world stage. We thank each of you for the support you have shown us over the years and hope you will stand by us on our pursuit to make Canadian Olympic history.


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Instagram: thm_racing 
E-mail:  thmfxracing@gmail.com 

Olympic games

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