Gold for Canada in Paris 2024 

Coming off our first Olympic games we are more motivated than ever to medal in 2024. As a team we have a combined 12 years of experience competing on the world stage for Canada. We know what it takes to be the top team and the gaps that we need to be address to get there. We are not far off the Olympic gold medal standard as seen from our data analytics at Tokyo. It is time for us to step up and run a professional program that match our competition. We are already biting at their heels - imagine what we could do when the playing field is level!

We are so proud and honoured to represent this amazing country on the world stage. We thank each of you for the support you gave us over the years and hope you will stand by us on our pursuit to make Canadian Olympic history.


Canada flag spinnaker


Below is a breakdown showing how your support directly helps our team on a day-to-day basis! 

$50  - fuels our team with food for one competition day

$150 - provides one night of housing for the team

$500 - registration entry fee for one regatta

$1,500 - airfare for one sailor to an international event

$6,000 - a new set of sails (main, jib and spinnaker)

$7,000 - a new mast 


Join Our Team - The Journey is Incredible! 

The driving force behind our campaign is an amazing community of people and organizations that are cheering us along every step of the way! We come from incredible communities, and have watched our team of supporters grow as people come together to offer assistance, financial support and encouragement as we reach towards each new goal. We push ourselves in training with the ultimate goal of standing on top of the podium and hearing  our national anthem - taking pride in representing our country, community, and the supporters who got us there. 

Our part in Sustainability

We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to travel the world for our sport. Visiting many countries to compete has really opened our eyes to the plastic we see polluting our planet’s lakes and oceans. Besides wind being a sustainable resource Olympic Sailing does have its environmental impact. We are aware of the carbon admissions that entail from air travel and shipping our equipment. Our team has made a pledge to lead by example and try to advocate for a more sustainable lifestyle, pushing our regatta organizers and federation to do the same. We hope to use our platform to teach young sailors to take these steps as well.

The Importance of Giving Back 

We strongly believe in the theme of 'pass-it-on' and do our best to give back to our communities every chance we can. Our recent efforts have been focused on running initiatives to promote and encourage young women pursuing Olympic sailing. It is our hope to foster a positive environment and network of women within the Canadian sailing scene, educate women on the opportunities Olympic sailing has to offer, and create visible strong female role models that young women can look up to.

The value of Olympic sailing is in the pursuit of excellence - and this can be seen not only in sport, but in many different aspects of life. Striving for excellence is what drives our society and community forward. It is so important to teach young women to embrace this culture as well as to champion others to do so as well.  

Women Sailing to Success Event
Mariah and Ali helping teaching the young women how to sail the FX!

Join our team today and help us win an Olympic medal for Canada. Every little bit helps! Help by sharing this page and spreading the word for others to join our team. 

By becoming involved in this Olympic Campaign, you will be supporting two young women who have the ambition to be successful in everything they do. Let's support this theme of pursuing excellence and help win Canada an Olympic medal! 
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To learn more about Sail Canada and the Canadian Sailing Team visit: 
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