The International Training Fund has been created to help establish young sailors representing Canada, who have achieved a leading ranking to compete at regional, national, and international levels. Funds will be used to support this mission by providing financial support to deserving athletes. Eligible expenses will be reimbursed and may include travel, non-capital equipment, coaching and participation/ regatta entry fees in relation to their training and participation in international regattas. 

The pandemic has hit Canada’s young high performance sailors hard, and opportunities to train and compete both domestically and internationally have been halted for most part.  The International Training Fund will be instrumental in building back youth racing in Canada and internationally. It will help to accelerate the return of these talented young sailors to the global stage.

The Fund will establish a committee to approve applications from those high performance athletes representing Canada who are top ranked in one or more Sail Canada supported classes. That committee will be composed of a minimum of two high performance coaches, and the Fund executive members who will take an active role in promoting donations to the fund.

Contributions to support this fund will be tax deductible. Wind Athletes Canada, a recognized Registered Canadian Amateur Athletic Association, will issue donation receipts that may be used for that purpose. Wind Athletes Canada holds these funds raised, less a 2% handling fee and thus serves as custodian for the funds. Young sailors interested in funding from the International Training Fund should first apply to become recognized Wind Athletes Canada athletes.  They then become eligible to apply for additional funding from the International Training Fund.  Qualified athletes should address their request to the Fund Committee.  If approved, claim reimbursement for eligible expenses associated with their competition and training activities will be available in the amount recommended by the Fund Committee from the available funds. All funds will be reimbursed directly to the athlete(s).  

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