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Age: 22

Class: Laser / ILCA 7

Home Club: Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron

Ryan Anderson has always loved the ocean. Being in it. On it. And studying it.  

A fourth year Dalhousie University ocean sciences student, Ryan is delaying completion of his degree to pursue a goal he set when he was eleven and started sailing the Opti competitively: to be a factor on the international stage.

In 11 years, he’s been to nine world championships in Optis, Laser Radials(ILCA 6) and now, in the full rig Laser (ILCA 7). He’s had top 10 finishes in races in junior and senior world championships and now, having progressed to the senior world cup Laser scene, he qualified for the gold fleet at the 2023 World Sailing Championships. Here in Canada, Ryan was Sail Canada’s Youth Champion in 2018, Radial National Champion in 2019 and Senior Laser Champion in 2021. He won the Sail Canada Bill Burke Memorial Male Youth Elite Award in 2019.

His eyes are now on the 2024/2028 Olympics. There’s only one Laser berth per country and Ryan is focusing all his efforts on winning it. The youngest member of the five-man Sail Canada Laser Team, Ryan built confidence and acquired important experience rounding the windward mark in the top 15 in multiple qualifying races and even leading a race of the 2023 World Sailing Championships. With that confidence, his commitment on and off the water, and his determination, Ryan has the characteristics and sailing talent to achieve his goals.

There’s just one thing missing: the funding to do it. Club and provincial support only scratch the surface of what’s needed to race, train and secure an Olympic berth over the next six months. To be successful and maintain momentum, Ryan needs to get to Portugal, Australia and back to Europe for qualifying regattas. He needs a new Laser and equipment, training and coaching.

He needs your help.

If you are inspired by Ryan’s story to make a financial donation through Wind Athletes, thank you. If you can share Aeroplan or other travel points, wonderful! And if you can spread the word about Ryan’s sailing, please do! 

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