Good Morning from Vancouver,

Day 2 with O CANADA back on the water was another great day of firsts for this young team.

It was raining, cold and miserable as it can often be in Vancouver this time of year but no one seemed to notice.

It was time to test the keel rams and get the instruments calibrated. 

The best part of the day was when we hit 12 kts of boat speed in an 10 kt puff with one reef, solent and full kant on the keel.  It only lasted about  minutes as we headed off on a close reach toward RVYC.  She just smoothly gained speed as we eased into a 20 degree bear -away onto a reach.

Everyone was cool and just doing their jobs.  When the puff subsided, it seems like we had covered half of  English Bay.  Several people remarked that "there is no room in here to fly the kite".  The young crew was very composed but in disbelief about how smooth and effortless the acceleration was and how solidly she say at 12 kts.  These are people who have hit 35kts on the Southern Ocean and they were astounded with O CANADA's performance in 10 knots of wind.  They were still talking about it over dinner with huge grins. So nice to watch people appreciate the finer things in life:) 

We went over to RVYC after they were finished with their racing for the day.  Eric was the guest of Honour and handed out the day's prizes for the Club Race.

We had many visitors to the boat which was only able to stay at RVYC between noon and 6 pm due to depth issues.  The best part of the tours was the little kids who loved climbing around down below and seemed interested in a keel that swings from side to side so you don't have to hike :)

One of the pictures attached is of Eric and Sandy on the dock at RVYC in front of the fleet of six Elliott 6M boats that the Club now has.  They recently purchase 4 more boats after the two boats donated by Wind Athletes Canada were such a hit.  It is truly a National Match Race Training Centre now. 

Today is the first day off in over a month.   The boat is sitting tied up at Mosquito Creek waiting for our return tomorrow.

John Curtis

President of Wind Athletes Canada