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Why support the TWC?

  • Reduce barriers to the sport by offering free or subsidized spaces to youth
  • Give underrepresented communities opportunity to learn a new sport
  • Make windsurfing more inclusive and diverse - increasing representation
  • Spread your love of windsurfing to individuals that may face systematic barriers
  • Grow the windsurfing community in Toronto
  • Support TWC's civic participation

What will my donation go towards?

  • TWC will host a week of camp for underserved youth and maintain open spots for interested youth to continue with camp
  • TWC will host "Try-it sessions" for BIPOC adults, working with community organizations
  • Your donation will go directly to the camp and sessions - paying for the staff to teach and equipment used
  • Transport will be provided to youth to TWC
  • $75 will pay for a youth's day at camp
  • $375 will pay for a week of camp

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