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Nataliya Leshko’s kitefoiling program aims to maximize time on the water devoted to developing and practising the skills and techniques of kitefoil racing together with coaching opportunities. Her trainingseason begins with a head start in La Ventana, Mexico which has excellent wind conditions for kitefoiling and a strong kitefoiling community with some of the world’s Top 10 racers training there as well. She is on the water on every windy day practising her air transitions, which is key to be able to complete a windward leeward racecourse within the time limit. 

Her Toronto training will include light wind practice in preparation for the upcoming key regattas, FORK and CORK. She will also attend all kitefoiling training camps hosted by Sail Canada. Her goal is to be able to complete a windward leeward racecourse with air transitions in a competitive time, which will prepare her to race at the World Championships. 

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