Wind Athletes Canada supports some of Canada’s sailors who compete in Olympic and Paralympic Classes. In addition to specific assistance to particular athletes for coaching and travel, we have done things like rent a residence in Weymouth England a few minutes drive to the sailing venue that hosted the 2012 Olympic Sailing Events. This gave the sailors a comfortable and accessible home base while they obtained that critical site specific knowledge.

Wind Athletes maintains a fleet of boats that are used both by the top contenders in the Olympic and Paralympic classes and to assist promising young athletes making a transition into an Olympic Class. We also have several coach boats that are available for the coaches working with our athletes.

Our primary activity is to help athletes raise money in their own communities. This has proven very successful but our athletes continue to be some of the most poorly funded international in the sport of Sailing. They need your help to realize their potential and become role models for young people who aspire to excellence in any endeavour. Doing an Olympic Sailing Campaign is like an MBA for life. The skills acquired both on and off the water will serve these people and the communities in which they live and our Country for many years to come. While there are many in the world in desperate need or seemingly more compelling causes to support out there it is important not to neglect those who will be our future leaders. The athletes we support are truly the cream of the crop and need your support to realize their potential.


Canadian Olympians Nikola Girke & Luke Ramsay - Nacra 17 - Rio 2016

Richard Clarke and Tyler Bjorn (Weymouth, UK)

Zac Plavsic training for the up-coming 2011 RSX World Championships in Perth, Australia.

Watch Wind Athletes Canada supported Finn sailors training on windy San Francisco Bay in preparation for the 2010 Finn World Championships.

David Hayes, Kevin Stittle and Mariano Benitez windsurf from Thornbury to Collingwood via Christian Island.