At the warf
moored at the Warf
low tide
Nova Scotia Proud moored at low tide
out for test run
headed out to sea

Chris Stanmore-Major is raising awareness to rally pride in and support for this project; one that he will use as a springboard to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Bluenose (built in 1921) and help increase tourism visits to Nova Scotia in 2021. “Nova Scotia Proud” intends to draw global attention to Nova Scotia’s storied seafaring history and its multiple cumulative international sailing accomplishments.

In 2021 it will 100 years since the Bluenose, a national icon, took to the water. This period in Nova Scotia’s history marked an age of great pride and celebration.  Nova Scotia was world famous and her seafarers commanded the world’s fastest and most technologically advanced vessels. The whole of Canada joins with Nova Scotia to celebrate the glory of the Bluenose

Chris’s planned route is west around the world. Sailing west around the world is considerably more difficult than sailing east around the world. To give a sense for the difference in difficulty- the present record for sailing east around the world is 40 days. The record for sailing west along the route Chris will be doing is 122 days. Sailing west around the world is commonly referred to as the ‘Impossible Voyage’; the (only) five other sailors to have ever completed this challenge have received considerable accolades and international recognition. 

Wind Athletes Canada hopes you will join Chris in this bold adventure.

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