Team Tom Ford
Team Tom Ford
Team Tom Ford
Team Tom Ford
Team Tom Ford
Team Tom Ford

Meet Thomas Desrochers and Ford Amery - "Team Tom Ford"

Skipper Thomas Desrochers has been sailing out of PCYC in Ontario since he was 8 years old.  At the age of 13 in the 2019 season, he finished with a first at Opti Canadians, a first at Fall Cork, and had the honour of winning the 2019 Trillium Trophy.  With Covid cancelling international competitions, he was unable to represent Canada @ World’s, and in the fall of 2020 began transitioning to the 29er.  

"It was just the fastest boat I could find." Desrochers said.

Crew Ford Amery has sailed out of WVYC in B.C., and had just moved to Ontario. Ford had qualified for the 2020 Opti SUDs team, and was transitioning in the fall of 2020 as well.  

"I was too big for the Opti and had moved to laser, but when Tom asked me to try the 29er - I was hooked", Amery said.

Team Tom Ford have been training hard in 2021 and are starting to see the results.  

They placed third at 9er Canadians in July, and 3rd overall at Cork.  Having lost the top male spot in their last race at Cork, they did not qualify for Yourth World's.  

"We are happy with how we did.  It was our first year in the boat, and next year we'll be even stronger." said Desrochers.  

"We really get along and have made huge improvements in our communications and in the fundamentals of the boat. Its starting to show in the consistency of our results.  We're planning to train through the winter and 2022 should be a great year for us.  We hope to make the Ontario Team and qualify to represent Canada next year. "  said Amery.

29er team Tom Ford
Team Tom Ford

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