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The 2020 Olympic Games are just 10 months away, and I need your support to help me qualify and obtain a top 16 performance at the Games. 

The next continental qualifier will be at the 2020 Miami Sailing World Cup in January and I will be pushing myself harder than ever before to obtain a country berth here. In order for me to qualify, I need to fundraise to be able to attend training camps leading up to the qualification event. 

Once the country has qualified, I then need to be nominated to the Canadian Olympic Team by placing as the top female Canadian at the 2020 Worlds in Australia, and at the 2020 Princesa Sofia Regatta in Spain. These events are very expensive, and without your support I may not be able to secure my spot on the Olympic team.


Cost of the Trials:

I need your help! I need to raise a minimum of $8,000 before January 1 in order for me to attend the 2020 RSX Worlds in Sorrento, Australia. The funds will be going directly toward airfare, accommodation, event fees, coaching and rib rental.

See below a sample breakdown of how your donation can directly impact my performance in the Olympic trials:

$50 - cost of new batten and widget needed for the event

$100 - cost of accommodation for 1 night at the event

$500 - cost of airfare for equipment to arrive at event

$750 - cost of coaching per day at the event

$1400 - cost of airfare to the event

$2000 - cost of new sail needed for event

Total estimated cost of attending: $15,000.

Join my team today and help me achieve a successful performance at the 2020 Olympic Games.

Have any ideas? I am open to collaborations! Do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

I'd really appreciate if you could share this page and pass along the link to potential donors. Every dollar helps and I could not be more grateful for all of your support. I am blessed to be following me dream every day and can't wait to make Canada proud at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.


Follow my Journey:

Website: www.oliviamew.ca

Facebook: @OliviaMewSailing

Instagram: @mewolivia

E: oliviakmew@gmail.com


More about Olivia

Olivia's passion for water sports first developed growing up on Toronto Island. She first fell in love with the sport of competitive paddling at age 7 at the Toronto Island Canoe Club. After continuing the sport for 7 years she claimed the title of provincial champion in C1, C4 and C15.

In 2010, Olivia learned how to windsurf out of the Toronto Windsurfing Club at age 14. Over the next year, she learned to race on the Bic Techno 293, the official youth Olympic class. Olivia advanced quickly and started racing on the Olympic Class (RS:X) in March 2012.

Olivia became a member on the Canadian Sailing Team in 2015. During this year she was asked to be the inspiration for the face of the 2015 Adventure Series Coin Collection from the Royal Canadian Mint. 

In August 2015, Olivia claimed the title of top Canadian female and third woman in North America. She qualified the country a spot in the 2016 Olympic Games in January 2016. 

In 2019, Olivia qualified and attended the Pan American Games in Peru. Here she placed 6th overall.

When Olivia is not windsurfing full time, she studies Kinesiology at Queen's University. Here, she is a member of the Queen's Sailing Team crewing 420's. Olivia plans to compete in the 2020 Olympic Games with the goal of achieving a top 16 finish.


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