At a young age Claire first started crewing for her Dad on his Viking28 at Oakville Yacht Squadron. At 8 years old, Claire started spending her summers at the OYS Sailing School and eventually graduated through the levels and joined the RCYC High Performance Team at 16 years old. Most weekends throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall were spent at regattas were she competed to get recognized for the National team.    

Claire has been active and loved being outdoors all of her life. Her parents enrolled her in all kinds of after school programs as a child including competitive gymnast, soccer, snowboarding and dance. The competitive drive started long ago and this background lead her to become the athlete she is today. Throughout University Claire competed competitively in both Alpine Snowboarding and Laser Radial Sailing, and after a few injuries realized that she was taking on too much.  

Qualifying the country but missing out on qualifying herself for the 2012 London Summer Games, Claire is determined as ever and now focusing on qualifying for the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics.

  • Olympic Boat Sailed: Laser Radial (sail numbers: 206113 and 200022)
  • World Ranking: 19th
  • Hometown: Oakville, ON Canada
  • Height: 5'6''… almost 5'7''
  • Previous Boats sailed: Viking28, Byte, Laser2, 420, J105, windsurfing

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