Bangalore from the Stern

The 2016 International Eight Metre World Cup was hosted by the RCYC in August, during ‘The Year of the Eights’. It was a magnificent, international event with teams from the Netherlands, Scotland, USA, Norway and Canada. The Sira Cup trophy is awarded to the top classic 8 Metre yacht competing in the World Cup. In the latter stages of the regatta it became clear that the battle for the classics’ trophy was between Bangalore and Sira, the yacht after which the trophy is named and which was helmed by His Majesty King Harald V of Norway. With a solid final race leading all classics from start to finish, we accomplished our goal. As Bangalore’s owners, we together with crew Terry McLaughlin, Geoff Moore, Jeff Gillmeister, Robb Graham, Jason Williams and alternate Rob Hemming, are thrilled to be the 2016 Sira Cup winners! 

The 2017 International 8 Metre World Cup is being organized by the Royal Norwegian Yacht Club (Fredrikstad) and will be sailed out of the Hankø Yacht Club, August 10 - 20, 2017. King Harold of Norway has extended a personal invitation for Bangalore to attend the regatta in Norway to defend the Sira Cup in August 2017.

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